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Agent Application

Section 1 - Organisational Details

Section 2 - Management

Section 3 - Programme Details

Please list the relevant courses that your organisation has marketed in the past or currently, and also successful enrollment numbers for the current and previous academic year:

Awarding Body / University Qualification Master/ Degree/Diploma Number of Students enrolled

Section 4 - Marketing

Section 5 - References

Section 6 - Signature

I acknowledge that I have completed all sections of this application to the best of my ability and that all information given is true and complete. Failure to do so may delay approval and/or invalidate this application.

Section 7 – Acceptance Process

  • This Application Form is used by LOC as part of their due diligence process.
  • LOC will let you now within 2 weeks if your application has been successful.
  • Please note that until any acceptance has been given and a subsequent contact issued, the organisation is not permitted to release any marketing material that make reference to LOC programmes.

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